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Our experienced professors will guide you through a proven curriculum, meticulously developed and refined over decades of practical implementation. Our active involvement in current and ongoing research initiatives within our own fields keeps our methods and competencies viable and meaningful, making our instruction and guidance invaluable to students and professionals pursuing funding.

The Research Skills Development Course will give you mastery in the four key components of proposal generation:

01. Conceptualize

Learn how to succinctly and definitively outline your research plan


Understand how to organize your plan in a clear and winning format


Master the components, content, and flow to craft a professional and compelling proposal

04. Submit

Fine tune verbal presentation skills and explore resources for final submission


Combined Years of experience

Our staff comprises professors, researchers, public health policy makers, and doctors. Our course is developed and led by this professional, well-rounded group of instructors, each of whom are specialists with real-world experience in Research Design, Research Skills Development, Public Health Proposal and Grant Writing, and Proposal Delivery and Submission.

Our successes

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to help hundreds of students improve their research and proposal skills.

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Learn While Doing

Our unique course allows you to learn while you create your thoughtful, persuasive, and fundable research proposal.

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