Julian Salim, MPH

Public Health Professional

Julian Salim graduated in 2021 from Hubert Department of Global Health, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University. Prior to joining Emory University, Julian Salim worked mainly in the tuberculosis prevention and treatment department at a private hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia. When he signed up for a Nursing Profession Program with Sint Carolus School of Health Sciences in 2014, his peers warned him that he should focus instead on a more lucrative clinical specialty. Instead, his work for Tanjung Priok Community Health Service has committed him to a public health career.

Awarded a scholarship from the Indonesian government in 2018, Julian Salim decided to quit his job as a nurse to then establish a non-profit NGO with some of his friends, working especially on the field of infectious diseases prevention in Indonesia. In March 2020, he was awarded a Leadership Scholarship from Emory Alumni Board (EAB) as a recognition of the efforts he has made to improve the degree of public health in his country. Currently, Julian Salim is working as an independent consultant for http://immunizationeconomics.org which is an information-sharing online platform connecting thousands dedicated to the field of study relating to the cost, financing, sustainability, efficiency, and value of immunizations throughout the world at Management Sciences for Health (MSH).